Web Pops


When enabled, Web Pops opens a webpage when an incoming call is received. You can set up customized URL Templates to automatically perform a CRM search, social media search, etc. or general Google Search on the caller's name or phone number.

Chrome must be opened before the incoming call is received for Web Pops to function.

  1. Click the Jive Icon ().
  2. Click the Settings Icon ().
  1. Check Enabled.
  2. Select when the web pop should occur.
  3. Choose the desired 3rd Party Pops from the provided list and/or Make a custom template using variables (you can select more than one).

How To Make a Custom URL Template

  1. Copy and paste https://www.google.com/webhp?#= as the URL Template.
  2. Enter one of the following variables at the end of the URL entered above.
Variable Google Search Performed
${CNAM} Searches the caller's name (ie. Jennifer Morton)
${CNUM} Searches the caller's number without dashes (i.e. 8778675309)
${CNUM(dashes)} Searches the caller's number with dashes (i.e. 877-867-5309)
${CNUM(e164)} Searches the caller's number in the e. 164 international format (i.e. 18778675309)