App Settings



To access the app settings, tap in the upper-left corner to access the app switcher and then tap [Settings].


Jive Displays which version of the app is being used.
User User that is currently logged in to the app.
Logout Tap to log out of the app.


Volume and Ringtone Tap to go to the submenu to set the volume of calls and ringtones on the app. Note: the Ringer volume is relative to System volume. Ringtones can be selected from the list below.
Location Based Rules Tap to set up when your extension rings to the user's mobile, desk phone, or goes to voicemail based on the user's location.


Extension Tap first option to select which extension and PBX / line you are receiving phone calls from; which PBX also determines which company you are receiving chats from. This only impacts you if you have your Jive ID attached to multiple PBXs.
Options Tap here to enable or disable calling, Do not disturb, Call Forwarding, Enable Wi-Fi, Intercom, etc as defined below
Connectivity Status Tap to connect, disconnect, check the availability status of the app to the network, and run the app debugger


Enable Calling Enable/disable if this extension can be called over your mobile. If disabled, calls do not reach this extension on this device.
Do Not Disturb When activated the your device will receive the call, which will be registered in the call history, but the you won't be notified of it.
Call Forwarding Enable this extension to forward calls to other extensions or phone numbers. The Location Based Rules you set up will have some effect on this.
Enable Wi-Fi Allows calls to be made and received only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, preventing the app from using data.
Intercom When enabled, people can dial *(extension) and start talking with you directly. The mic is automatically set to mute by the app when this feature is used in case you're is in the middle of something or there's massive amounts of background noise, and you can respond by tapping the green icon as on a standard intercom.


Show other people's availability Gives an indicator to show you other's presence from your work directory


End User License Agreement Tap to view the End User License Agreement.
Leave Feedback Send feedback regarding app to Jive.