Call Parking

Call parking allows you to place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved by another extension. Parking spots (where the call resides) can either be assigned by you or Jive's system. There are an unlimited number of parking spots available.

Park a Call

User-Defined Parking Spot

  1. Blind transfer to *37 + parking spot number (any number of digits, but it cannot start with 0).
    Example: To park a call in spot 1, blind transfer the call to *371. To Park a call in spot 15, blind transfer the call to *3715.

If you attempt to park a call in an occupied parking spot, the two calls will be merged together creating a two-way call between the parked calls.

System-Defined Parking Spot

  1. Warm transfer to *37 (do not blind transfer or the system won't tell you where the call is parked).
  2. The system will notify you where the call is parked.
  3. Complete the transfer.

Pick Up a Parked Call

  1. Dial *37 + parking spot number.

Presence Monitor a Parked Call

In order to presence monitor, you must have the feature enabled on your device by an administrator. If not enabled, contact your administrator for assistance.
Additionally, the lines that you wish to monitor must be speed dial assignments on your phone. If your phone is supported, you can assign speed dials from the online portal. Otherwise, see your phone's user manual for further instruction.

  1. Designate a specific parking spot to individual users (i.e. only John Smith's calls are parked in spot #2).
  2. Assign *37 + parking spot number as a speed dial key on those users' devices (i.e. John Smith assigns *372 as a speed dial key).

By presence monitoring the parking spot, the speed dial key flashes on the device when a call is parked notifying the recipient.