Record Personal Directory Name

By default, the local directory will spell out the name on your extension (e.g. "Mike" would be pronounced "M-I-K-E"). If this is not desired, you can record a directory name for your extension.

If you hang up before the call rings in step #4, the transfer will fail and the call will be disconnected.


The following steps must be completed from your phone.

  1. Dial *21 from your phone.
  2. Enter your Voicemail Password (default 0000).
  3. Record your full name after the tone.
  4. Press # when done.
  5. Complete one of the following:
    1. Press 1 to accept the recording.
    2. Press 2 to listen to the recording.
    3. Press 3 to re-record.

Note: Directory recordings cannot be deleted to return to the default settings where the name is spelled out. However, directory recordings can be rerecorded.

Note: Those that have Prompt Recording Permissions (typically admins) can dial *22 to record directory names for an extension other than their own; including ring groups, conference rooms, etc. These users will be prompted to enter a dialable password (default 0000) which is separate from their voicemail password and can be changed by dialing *19 from their Jive phone.

Video Tutorial: Dial By Name Directories