Star Codes

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Jive supports various star codes used to initiate specific functionality. See the chart below for a complete list of supported star codes:

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Star Code Description
*11 Performs a search (first or last name) within the local (internal) directory (view video).
*12 No action. Reserved for Emergency Services in some countries.
*13 Logs in and out of a call queue (view video).
*14 Records a sound clip to be used in a dial plan; only users with Prompt Recording Permissions, typically admins (view video).
*15 Records a call (dial the star code then the phone number; cannot be used mid-call).
*17 Monitors a call (view video).
*19 Changes personal dialable password (view video).
*21 Records personal directory name (view video).
*22 Records others' directory name; only users with Prompt Recording Permissions, typically admins (view video).
*37 Initiates call parking.
*67 Blocks your number from a caller ID for a single call (view video).
*72 Activates server-side call forwarding (view video).
*73 De-activates server-side call forwarding (view video).
*82 Overrides the Block Caller ID setting for a single call (view video).
*97 Picks up a call ringing on another user's phone – directed call pickup (view video).
*98 Checks other extensions' voicemail; i.e. ring groups and shared voicemail boxes (view video).
*99 Checks personal voicemail (view video).
*911 Emergency services call notification test (view video).
* + ext Establishes a 2-way intercom between two extensions; feature must be enabled on the recipient's line (view video).