Larry Burbano – Undisclosed Facts

February 18th, 2016
Larry Burbano – Undisclosed Facts


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Washington, DC Local IT Expert to Release New Book To Help Saving Businesses From Getting Burned By Incompetent IT Companies & Increasing Productivity, Profits And Security Through Smarter IT

Larry Burbano, Founder of GRS Technology Solutions, authors, “Undisclosed Facts”: “What Every Company Must Know About Outsourcing Its IT Needs.” with an anticipated release date of March 1st 2016 by Create Space, an Amazon company and leading business book publisher.

Washington, DC – Feb 15, 2016. With businesses of all sizes becoming more dependent on IT to operate, service their clients, communicate and market, CEOs must take a much more strategic approach to technology to stay competitive – and safe. That’s why Larry Burbano, Founder & CEO of GRS Technology Solutions, has recently released a new book to educate companies and small business owners about what to look for and what to avoid when outsourcing their IT support, The book, “Undisclosed Facts,” provides a basic, non-techie education on how to avoid overpaying for IT services, what questions to ask your IT consultant before signing a contract and how to spot an incompetent or dishonest IT person before giving them access to your computer network.

Larry Burbano is the CEO of GRS Technology Solutions, based in the heart of Fairfax City neighborhood of Fairfax county, Virginia. For more than 8 years, GRS has specialized in providing IT consulting services with a focus on Business IT Solutions and Managed IT Services. It is through Larry Burbano’s unique way of approaching business challenges, particularly in the healthcare, legal, non-profit, engineering, and financial industries from a compliance and security standpoint, which has contributed to much of their success, and one of the reasons they were asked to participate in the upcoming book.

“With companies relying heavily on e-mail and technology, it’s more important than ever to make sure the company you outsource your computer support to is competent in guiding your decisions,” said Larry Burbano, chief executive officer for GRS Technology Solutions. “Hiring the wrong person or company can be expensive in many ways, and companies need to make sure that the person they trust to secure their data and protect them from hackers is doing all the right things to avoid litigation, data loss or the violation of federal laws around storing and securing sensitive data like medical files, credit cards, social security numbers or other confidential information.”

Regardless of size, modern businesses rely on information technology for e-mail, accounting, data management, websites, and much more. But for small and midsize companies, the costs of computer problems can quickly eat away at tight margins.

“By hiring the right IT consulting firm, you’ll avoid downtime, loss of data, overcharging, and other revenue sinkholes resulting from incompetent or unethical IT service. And the best consultants can help you increase productivity with the perfect IT solutions for your particular needs.” Said Larry Burbano.

The book also features advice on cloud computing, cyber security strategies, IT contracts, backup and disaster recovery, as well as cost-saving tips for avoiding expensive and unexpected computer repair bills.

The royalties from this project will be given to Play 4 Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to foster youth development projects through sports by creating a network of solidarity conformed by international and local organizations, colleges, and other institutions interested in supporting these type of initiatives.

For more information about “Undisclosed Facts” or to purchase copies of the book, please visit   or contact GRS Technology Solutions at 703.991.0101.

About the Author:

 Larry Burbano has over 15 years of experience as an IT expert. He started his IT career when the technology boom was just taking off. Larry pursued studies in the IT field, receiving his masters from the University of Maryland, with a focus in Cybersecurity. In addition to his formal education, he successfully completed his bachelors in computer engineering and specialized training, re­ceiving certifications that included Security +, CEH, MCP, MCTIP, ITIL, SharePoint, Microsoft Cloud Integrator, Azure Platform, Certified HIPAA Security Professional, PCI Com­pliance, and CISSP.


Mr. Burbano is an active, technology driven person who participates in a di­versity of IT conferences nationwide in order to keep up with fast-paced tech­nology advances. He has more than five years of corporate management and enterprise experience. Larry served as a supervisory consultant with the In­ter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, helping to develop and execute their global technology plans.

He has consulted with more than 100 Washington, DC based businesses of varying sizes and industries, and has privately consulted IT companies in South America. In ad­dition, he serves as a Virtual CIO (vCIO) and successfully designs, implements, and manages automated business, financial, and compliance solutions. He is also the founder of an online backup and disaster recovery technology com­pany in Colombia, South America, where he helps financial institutions and other companies secure their data and video surveillance offsite.

Additionally, he is the co-founder of Play 4 Development, a non-profit organi­zation that fosters youth development projects through sports. Larry devotes his free time to helping kids who are limited to engaging in sports due to a lack of resources in the communities where they live.

Larry is a combination of a super techie and profit-focused entrepreneur. He has been a long time believer in providing exemplary customer service. His commitment to his clients has been the principal key of his success – he will go all-out providing the perfect solution for his clients.