Take a Proactive Approach to Protect Your MacOS Environment

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the threat of cyberattacks on businesses is becoming more significant. In this context, having in place a robust and reliable cybersecurity and compliance system is utmost importance to ensure that businesses are protected from potential security breaches, data theft, and other cyber threats. At the same time, businesses need to comply with relevant regulations and standards to maintain trust with their clients.

To protect your business from the ever-evolving threat landscape, you need a partner who understands the complexities of cybersecurity. That’s where GRS Technology Solutions comes in!

By utilizing tools like Jamf Protect, Jamf Connect, Jamf PRO, Azure, and Microsoft Office 365 GCC/GCC High, businesses can ensure that their MAC devices are secure and compliant.

GRS Specializes in Meeting the Most Stringent of Regulations


Meet your DFARS 7012 compliance with Microsoft Office 365 GCC High.


Ensure your government agency abides by federal data security and privacy standards.


Prepare your company for GDPR with Microsoft Office 365.


Learn how to securely store and maintain financial data.


Navigate the complex compliance process with a solution tailored to your needs.


Helping DoD contractors prepare for the CMMC.


CMMC Registered Provider Organization.


SOC 2 Type II Certified.

Mac Environment Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions:
Ensuring Robust Protection

Endpoint Compliance for Macs:

  • Alignment with device-hardening framework from the Center for Internet Security (CIS), NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171 and DISA STIG guidelines
  • Active endpoint monitoring to flag any deviations to macOS hardening baselines
  • Customizable, policy-based targeting groups to easily audit endpoints and remain compliant
  • Unified Log Forwarding, streaming activity data to Jamf or your SIEM solution
  • Automated data gathering of files, configuration settings, or logs from a device — regardless of device location

Identity & Access Management:

  • Streamlined account provisioning based on user cloud identity attributes and management
  • Password sync between local Mac account and corporate resources
  • Unified identity management across all enterprise apps and your Mac through single sign-on (SSO) (E.G, Microsoft, Adobe, HR systems, and much more).
  • Context-aware conditional access through continuous risk assessment that grants or denies access to sensitive data, applications and resources

Endpoint Protection for Macs:

  • Advanced behavioral monitoring for suspicious threats, like exploits to vulnerabilities
  • Enforcement of data policies to ensure only compliant storage devices are permitted
  • Policy-based regulatory compliance that encrypts online traffic and protects against personal data phishing while safeguarding end-user privacy

Microsoft 365 GCC or GCC High Integration with Macs:

  • MacOS compliance can be achieved through Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 GCC, and Microsoft 365 GCC High.
  • These solutions offer advanced security features and comply with regulations like FedRAMP, DFARS 7012, & ITAR.
  • They provide centralized device management, streamlined compliance reporting, and improved collaboration.
  • Microsoft’s MacOS-compliant solutions offer a comprehensive set of tools for managing and securing MacOS devices along with JAMF integration.

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