Managed IT Support

At GRS We’ve Got Your Back When It Comes To IT.

We specialize in taking care of the day-to-day technology needs for our customers so they can focus on what they do best – manage their business. Our goal? To remove the IT burden from your business and proactively handle all aspects of your technology so that all you notice is…up-time.

We are committed to helping you succeed. Our mission is to enable you to achieve your technology objectives by being an integrated strategic IT partner to your organization. From our knowledgeable consultants to our expert business development staff, our client-focused employees embrace the GRS Brand Promise:

We Always Deliver.

We are passionate about delivering on our commitments and doing what’s right for you. Our most fundamental core value is that we do what we say we are going to do - always. Even when circumstances change or an unexpected situation arises, we will do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

We're Easy to Work With.

We are committed to being the easiest, most flexible and most convenient technology partner you have ever worked with. Our local, professional and friendly employees go out of their way to respond quickly and accommodate your needs. We collaborate with your internal staff and other strategic partners and believe that long-term success is achieved through mutual education and information-sharing.

We Bring the Whole Team.

We do everything as a united GRS Technology team. Even when you engage a single consultant, you benefit from the collective experience, expertise and creativity of our entire organization. When any one of our employees encounters a challenge, they have all our internal and external resources at their disposal to overcome it quickly. We have staked our reputation on hiring and retaining the most talented individuals in our industry, as well as partnering with the right technology vendors to provide the most value to you.

Our core values and commitment to customers is what makes us unique.

GRS Core Values

GRS's Core Values are the foundation of our business philosophy, are woven into every aspect of our work life, and are acknowledged through awards, customer satisfaction, performance reviews and promotions. They are so essential to who we are that we will not hire a new employee, regardless of ability, unless their personal and professional standards match GRS's Core Values.

GRS Core Values

Our Immutable Laws:

Immutable Laws are a blend of ethics, core values, and self-assigned law, all wrapped up into one. They are the rules we have defined for ourselves, almost subconsciously, on what is right and what is wrong. What is acceptable and what is not. What makes you happy, and what doesn’t. They are with you for life and they barely ever change.

A key component of our culture and commitment to our customers is our "Our Immutable Laws," which provide our employees a framework for making critical business decisions without having to ask management for approval. If an employee has an idea to improve a work process, support a customer, or needs to make a snap decision, we trust them to "just do it" if they can associate with these 8 laws"

Our 8 Immutable laws

  • No vision distracters – these are people that will steal your dreams and take you off course from your vision. Also, it’s attributable to me chasing a new shiny object taking me off my focus.
  • Integrity – We do things the right way. Don’t ask us to install illegal software or cheat on financials.
  • Growth – Steady and constant personal, professional, and business growth. You and us.
  • Poop or get off the pot – Growth isn’t always easy, but let’s not waste each other’s time.
  • Leverage – A lever is the simplest of tools. Every skill, idea, process, asset, and client you have is a lever. Use each efficiently.
  • It can be done – our motto is if you believe in yourself enough and in others, and you can focus, then a solution will manifest itself.
  • You got to move it, move it – Innovation, evolution. Everything in the Universe is in motion and we don’t intend to go against Universal Laws. Catch us if you can.
  • Dive Deep Enough To Touch Bottom – When working with a client, we dive the deepest possible into understand the challenges they face. Only once we touch bottom are we in position to fully help them.

Our Crazy Skills