Is your commercial organization doing business with the U.S. government and required to demonstrate NIST 800-171 compliance?

  • Assure your government customers that their information is safe with you
  • Keep from losing vital federal and defense contracts
  • Establish and maintain a CUI-specific risk management and compliance program
  • Get to compliance quickly with DFARS & NIST standards (NIST SP-800-171)

Provision of Affordable Network Solutions for Federal, State &
Local Government

We are well aware of the peculiar challenges and concerns that befall government IT operations. Challenges such as Budget constraints, limited in-house staffing, and resources, dealing with aging infrastructures, a sub-standard cyber security threat landscape and cost containment mandates to do more with the little resources provided, overhead or expense place added challenges on governmental bodies. GRS is always ready to help your government organization tackle all these challenges by providing you with a team:

  • That will quickly adapt to the ongoing IT technology modifications and evolving communications need with real network solutions.
  • That will acquire solutions to enhance efficiency and overall performance.
  • Protect and makes sure your network, systems and data are safe from possible human mistakes, also secures your organization from malicious conduct, hardware failure and natural disasters.
  • Helps you to meet budget challenges by reducing the cost of acquiring and maintaining high-quality communications


An Integral Portfolio of Network Solutions for Government IT Management.

From Unified Communications to fast Internet access to Wired and Wireless connectivity, GRS provides a complete portfolio of data, voice, network and cloud solutions.

We build, setup, supervise, manage and maintain your network, data, voice and cloud services, technologies and applications end-to-end, as well as:

Network and Data Services

You can rely on 08 80 provide you with both wired and wireless technology and applications to deliver a secure and trusted connectivity that is easily adaptable to the ever changing modifications of the IT technology environment.

Cloud Connectivity

Integrates your cloud services and applications with your IT infraestructure, thereby offering the government with highly secured and effective access (Virtual and Dedicated) to all public and private cloud IT providers.

Network and Data Security

Unifies standalone network security services into one robust network security and threat management solution to secure and protect government networks and data and ensure regulatory compliance


Provides all agencies in the government including departments and offices with full access to all major centralized applications and resources.


Offers colocation for your critical systems and applications that affect your organization, with unparalleled reliability and security.

Limitless Bandwidth Service

Provides the bandwidth needed for the smooth running of the organization, the transparency, control, and a limitleless virtual network adaptability when it is needed.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Combines feature-rich VolP, data, real-time and near real-time (NRT) communications technologies and applications, thereby enhancing and improving communications and collaboration between the customer and the employee.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Cloud based contact center technology that ensures an undisturbed online communication with the on application issues and other important engagement across several platforms.


Tailors standard voice and network equipment from world class manufacturers to your environment by vendor-neutral experts.


Offers quality service via a centrally located, world-class solution center, composed of a Network Operations Center (NOC) with 24/7 support staff system.

We are of the belief that our technology abilities can improve and enhance Government processes and infrastructure. Our main goal is to help the Government to make smart decisons that will fully meet the IT demands of their citizens.

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