Throughout the last few years, companies have progressively opted to outsource their IT platforms, cloud services and entrust their data centers to third parties. This transition has allowed them to increase their productivity and efficiency allowing them to:

  • Focus on the heart of their business.
  • Decrease the total cost of ownership.
  • Eliminate expenses and increase efficiency in IT operations.
  • Obtain continuous access to improved networks, infrastructure and services.
  • Reduce their risks and improve data security.

Data Center / colocation providers are continually innovating to create more value and provide to companies with a more flexible and secure service.

We are experts and have a vast experience in sourcing and taking advantage of secure and reliable connectivity solutions that support voice, data and video applications, which are critical for IT and today’s business operations. We provide from dedicated internet access for a single site, to secure private networks that convers hundreds of locations.

GRS have a broad portfolio of broadband connections and wide area network (WAN) solutions, from cable and DSL to SD-WAN, Ethernet and MPLS and also fixed wireless for primary and redundancy requirements. We can also obtain dark fiber and wavelength services for companies with low-latency and high-performance needs.

Our company has built a strong partnerships with leading vendors in the market to give you access to experts who can provide you more insight, direction and a diversity of solutions in hundreds of facilities.