Small Business IT Support

All-inclusive Network Management, Maintenance, and Assistance For Small Businesses

Most small businesses operate without an in-house technician because they cannot afford one. But did you know that an outsourced IT provider costs a fraction of an engineer’s salary?

A Pinch Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

You don’t have to wait for your technology to stop working. You don’t have to watch in despair as your business grinds to a halt. You don’t have to grit your teeth as you suffer through hours of downtime until someone shows up to fix the issue.

Fortunately, with GRS’s Small Business IT Support solution, preventive action is the main focus. We evaluate your entire infrastructure to correct weaknesses and monitor your systems around the clock to identify gaps before they turn into major issues, thereby minimizing downtime and eliminating unnecessary workforce distractions.

Benefits of Our Small Business IT Support Solution

  • Peace of mind – Rest easy knowing that the GRS experts are monitoring your IT systems 24/7
  • Less downtime – Our team will pinpoint and resolve issues before they become serious
  • Fewer disruptions – We are available after hours and can fix issues remotely so you always have someone to rely on
  • Predictable budgeting – We offer an all-you-can-use, flat-rate IT service and guarantee there won’t be surprise charges or hidden fees

Features of Our Small Business IT Support Solution


Quarterly Operational Planning & Budgeting


Vendor Management


Technology Asset Management


Technology Purchasing & Procurement


24/7 Monitoring


Continuous & Preventative Maintenance


Anti-Virus Software & Subscription Management


Unlimited Remote Support


Unlimited Onsite Support


Project Labor


Emergency After-Hours Support

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