GRS Enterprise VoIP Solutions

Redefining small business telephony capabilities

A traditional phone system is no longer enough to stay competent in today’s competitive business environment.
And more often than not, advanced telephony features come at a price that is simply too high for many small
businesses to justify paying for. But with GRS’s VoIP Solutions, all that can end right now.

Powerful Features

GRS Enterprise VoIP Solutions enhance communication capabilities with advanced and versatile features like never before. With HD video conferencing, long-distance communication is no longer a hassle. And if you happen to miss a call, not to worry; voicemail to email transcription transcribes your voicemail messages into text and sends them to your email, making sure you never miss out on anything again.

Complete Control

GRS’s Enterprise VoIP Solutions let you control everything. Whether you want to ensure calls are answered live by different departments and then hit auto attendant after office hours, or connect everyone to a conference bridge, you can do so easily in no time. From presence indicator to call recording, Jive has you covered.

Seamless Collaboration

With the ability to manage the system from any computer and make calls from any desktop or mobile device, you can simply work anywhere, be it from home, on the go or remotely. And with complete data integration, you can integrate your system software with our communication software making sure that client information is always conveniently accessible.

Big Solutions, Small Cost

GRS’s Enterprise VoIP Solutions comes packed with various advanced standard features, meaning you can now have access to a full-featured phone system without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars extra to boost efficiency. With us, you can enjoy all the capabilities of big businesses at a small price.

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