Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance

Protect Your Business from the Growing Threat of Cyberattacks

GRS combines advanced threat intelligence with years of experience to prevent and defend your network against hackers. We offer 24/7 monitoring and support, threat mitigation support, and vulnerability assessment services.

Compliance Is Complex, Unless You’re With GRS

Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance by GRS Technology Solutions combines the automatic security patching of managed services with compliance services such as SIEM Log Data Analysis and Incident Response. This means our cybersecurity specialists work nonstop to monitor your systems and security logs for anomalies and vulnerabilities.

The GRS team prepares the required compliance documents so you have the freedom to concentrate on other matters. Over 30% of your compliance requirements will be met just by using our platform, saving you time and resources right away. And you’ll have complete visibility and receive intelligent recommendations for all aspects of your security.

GRS Specializes In Meeting the Most Stringent of Regulations


Meet your DFARS 7012 compliance with Microsoft Office 365 GCC High.


Ensure your government agency abides by federal data security and privacy standards.


Prepare your company for GDPR with Microsoft Office 365.


Learn how to securely store and maintain financial data.


Navigate the complex compliance process with a solution tailored to your needs.


Helping DoD contractors prepare for the CMMC.


CMMC Registered Provider Organization.


SOC 2 Type II Certified.

Solutions To Ensure Cloud Security & Compliance

Regulatory Standards

We help organizations meet regulatory requirements such as DFARS, NIST, and GDPR, but our experience goes way beyond these. Our services also include:

  • Office 365 Tenant Administration and Baseline
  • Tenant Design Customization
  • Detailed Requirements Definition and Prioritization
  • Cyber Incident Report

Continuous Monitoring & Post-Implementation Support

After the initial tenant configuration and Microsoft platform diagnostics, we then tailor our solutions to protect your classified information. Some areas we customize include:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Azure Rights Management Services (RMS)
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • O365 Application Security Configuration

Office 365 Security

We don’t only protect your data, users, and network, but we also enable you to take full advantage of Microsoft products by implementing the following solutions:

  • MDM, MFA, and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Office 365 Cloud App Security
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Governance Documentation and Policies

Azure Security

Our team works with varying organizations to either manage their existing cloud architecture or migrate their operations to the Azure platform. The specific areas we cover include:

  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Active Directory B2C
  • MFA
  • Domain Services

All-In-One Integrated Risk Management

The CyberStrong Platform’s breakthrough technology augments and enhances every element of your cybersecurity program strategy, posture and potential. Be empowered with 100% out-of-the-box functionality.

Vendor Risk Management

Automate the standardization of security and risk assessments, risk quantification, business impact analyses and reporting across third parties, partners, and vendors to uncover unknown risks

IT Risk Management

Protect your infrastructure with actionable threat intelligence, risk quantification, and optimized plans that provide the lowest cost, highest impact path towards your goals

Compliance Management

Get visibility into your posture projected across standards, eliminate manual effort across assessments, and focus on automated plans that will lower risk

Digital Risk Management

Manage risk confidently with scalability and flexibility that keeps you up to speed with the digital transformation and the evolving risk landscape.

Audit Management

Give auditors the exact information they’re looking for with audit-ready reports and optimized remediation plans that require no human effort to produce


Educate Your People With Security Awareness Training

Don’t Let Employees Be Your Weakest Link

Let’s face it, most employees are unaware of the dangers lurking online, which is why hackers utilize phishing and other schemes to trick them into revealing personal or company information. To address this concern, GRS has developed a convenient yet effective program to educate your team about online security best practices.