Web Development

The web is an essential platform for business applications. Public websites, intranets and extranets have become de facto standards in communicating a brand, a marketing campaign, enabling social business, keeping employees informed, involved and engaged, as well as securely interacting with partners to exchange product and pricing information or collaborate on a joint development. The key to every outstanding web solution is separating from the crowd and becoming the center-point of clarity for your intended audience.


  • Deliver Faster. Agile development with no waiting for IT, new hardware, or availability of existing dev/test boxes.
  • Cost. Eliminate cap-ex expense and yet build test environments that scale better than ever.
  • Use Existing Tools. Continue using the development languages, tools and lifecycle technologies you are using today.
  • Test Better. Build bigger test environments that simulate real customer load including spikes without resource contention on the cloud’s “infinite” resources.
  • Leave Production Alone. Prevent dev/test apps from affecting on-premise production performance. Even virtualized on-premise test workloads can on-premise production on shared machines.
  • Access Existing Resources. Securely network from the cloud to on-premise to test against systems of record if necessary.
  • Deploy Anywhere with No Lock-in. Once testing deploy either in the cloud or on-premise.

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