Security Awareness Training

Transform Your Team Into Impenetrable Human Firewalls

Cybercriminals exploit employees who lack cybersecurity knowledge. Fortunately, that is easy to fix. Let the GRS cybersecurity specialists educate your team about the best online practices to keep hackers at bay.

Employee Awareness Is Your Best Defense

The GRS Technology Solutions Security Awareness Training Program is crucial to defending your business on all fronts. Hacking schemes are becoming more rampant and sophisticated, and your employees may not know how to spot them. That’s why we developed an in-depth program to turn your team into impenetrable human firewalls who know how to quickly spot malicious emails, attachments, and websites. Our Security Awareness Training Program includes:

Baseline Testing

We conduct mock vishing, smishing, or phishing attacks to evaluate the awareness level of your team and determine how likely they are to fall prey to such schemes.

Employee Training

From videos and posters to games and interactive modules, your team can utilize our massive collection of educational content on improving security awareness.

Awareness Checks

You can choose from thousands of templates and conduct another mock phishing attack to check if your team has grasped the training.

Verify Results

With our comprehensive reporting, you can review the progress and status of each of
your employees.


Features of Our Security Awareness Training Program


Integrated Platform

GRS unifies all our training programs in a single, easy-to-use interface. You can customize templates, landing pages, and mock attachments, and you only need a few minutes to start mock attacks and training campaigns. You can even spoof your own domain to simulate a “CEO fraud” attack that can also monitor your team’s replies.


Arbitrary Delivery

If everyone received the same phishing email at the same time, it wouldn’t be much of a test. But with this feature, you can use “double-random” delivery so the emails are sent to different employees at different times. Our database includes templates with realistic messages and we regularly add new ones so you can surprise your team with random tests.


Unlimited Usage

We offer three different training programs based on your subscription, which also determines the level of access you’ll have to our massive content library. If you do choose a flexible license, you’ll be able to access all our phishing features with no limitations, plus you’ll get a 10% discount.


Outstanding Support

When you become our customer, you’ll immediately benefit from our top-of-the-line support program. Our desktop specialists are all based in the US and have built an outstanding reputation thanks to their expertise, knowledge, and incredibly fast response times.


Advanced Reporting

Our Advanced Reporting features give you complete visibility over how well your organization is performing in terms of security awareness. You’ll be able to see correlations between performance, training, and simulation data over various periods of time. You can also utilize reporting APIs to personalize reports so they can be integrated with your present system.


New Risk Scores

GRS will assign a Virtual Risk Officer to help you discover your risk level based on different aspects, such as by user, by department, and by your industry. This insight will enable you to make security-related decisions based on actual data.


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One Phish Two Phish

With the number of spam emails sent daily expected to increase to almost 190 billion a day through 2023, it’s increasingly important to be able to spot the tell-tale signs of a fraudulent email and protect your personal and business data, and your tech from malicious viruses and malware.