All You Need to Know about SPRS DoD

Summary: What is SPRS DoD and how it can be accessed? This article will answer these questions in details by providing all relevant information.

The Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) is a warehouse of shared data about the performance of a vendor on ongoing or completed projects. The Acquisition officials and the contractors have access to this system to know the performance details. Many people have various questions in their minds about how to access and use SPRS DoD. In this article, I will talk about what is SPRS DoD, how it can be accessed and used, and other relevant details.

What is SPRS DoD?

According to the DoDI 5000.79, the SPRS “is the authoritative source to retrieve supplier and product PI [performance information] assessments for the DoD [Department of Defense] acquisition community to use in identifying, assessing, and monitoring unclassified performance.” It is a system that supports DoD Acquisition Officials to meet various policies and regulations related to the acquisition. Here are some of the major supports that SPRS DoD provides: -

  • The SPRS provides On-Time Delivery Scores to the Acquisition officials under DFARS 213. 106-2
  • It provides quality classifications to the officials under DFARS 213. 106-2.
  • It provides risk data and assessment related to the price, item, and supplier procurement.
  • It provides the exclusion status of a company, for example, suspensions, debarments, etc.
  • It provides results of NIST SP 800-171 Assessments
  • It contains a list of Restricted National Security Systems
  • It contains supply chain illumination

How to access SPRS DoD?

The SPRS management follows strict access controls related to the SPRS DoD access. The system can be accessed by the users (government and vendors) through PIEE (The Department of Defense Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment). The government officials and contractors must have to create a PIEE account to access SPRS. This access is restricted to vendors, suppliers, and awardees.

To obtain a PIEE account, a company must have to register itself in the System of Award Management (SAM) with an established point of contact in an Electronic Business (EB). It also has to add a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code to the PIEE Vendor Group Structure. Moreover, a company that wants to get access to SPRS DoD, must designate a Contractor Account Administrator (CAM) per CAGE.

Apart from vendors, suppliers, and awardees, the members of the DoD acquisition community can also get access to SPRS DoD. Many people have a question related to their access to the National Security Systems Restricted List. This list can be accessed by any DoD government member whether he is from military or civil services. The only requirement for viewing this list is to have a Command Access Card (CAC).

SPRS DoD Reports

The SPRS is a vast system that contains a huge amount of data related to the performance of the suppliers. However, this data is highly classified and can only be accessed by registered members. Here are some of the important reports that are provided by the SPRS DoD: -

  • Item Risk Report
  • Market Research Report
  • Risk Analysis Report
  • Supplier Risk Report
  • Supplier Surveillance Report
  • Solicitation Inquiry Report
  • Summary Report
  • Supply Code Relationship Report


The SPRS is a useful system for DoD officials, contractors, and the community to get access to a huge amount of data. The DoD suppliers, vendors, and awardees can get access to this system by fulfilling some important requirements mentioned in this article. The SPRS DoD reports are helpful to analyze the performance of a DoD supplier.