Cloud Solutions

Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere, Using Any Device

Our cloud consulting services in the DC, VA, and MD areas will help you make the most of your IT resources and take your business to a whole new level. Let us help you migrate to the cloud today and you’ll experience a boost in workforce mobility and productivity.

Enterprise-Class Apps, Security, and Storage

Your business IT should support innovation, not restrict it. So as your business expands, it is necessary to increase your IT investment, not only in terms of storage, but also management. But this endeavor can be a handful and makes it difficult to focus on your actual business.

Fortunately, GRS’s Cloud Solutions feature unlimited scalability so expanding your business won’t be so difficult. Plus, your team will have more time on their hands because we manage everything for you. You will also save on storage costs and gain access to an array of collaboration tools. By moving your resources to the cloud, you will be able to deliver products and services faster.


Benefits of Cloud Solutions By GRS


Mobile Access to Data

Collaborate with colleagues and clients from any location, any time of the day, using any internet-connected device.


Outstanding Uptime

You will always have access to your data thanks to our 99.9% uptime guarantee and financially backed service agreement.


Easy Budgeting

With our pay-as-you-go service, you can easily predict your IT budget and avoid purchasing unnecessary resources.


A Familiar Interface

You can use the desktop system you’re already accustomed to and combine it with Microsoft’s cloud-based tools.

Our Methodology



Choosing the right cloud solution can be overwhelming. That is why GRS aims to make the process easy for you. We’ll help you select the best CRM or SaaS app for your business, which is easy because we don’t have allegiances with any vendors. However, we do have vast experience with the market’s biggest cloud applications, like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, so we can provide invaluable advice and support.



The right cloud solution should align with your business objectives to streamline your operations. Once you’ve decided on the best one for your business, you must make sure that deployment is done efficiently and securely. GRS cloud experts will work with you to ensure that the whole process is done seamlessly without disrupting your operations.



Cloud providers constantly update their applications to resolve issues, reduce security risks, and ensure users are receiving the best possible experience. But most businesses can barely catch up. The GRS cloud specialists can manage the system for you so you don’t have to worry about application updates or have any doubts about the capacity of your bandwidth to handle these upgrades.



But some businesses simply cannot find the perfect cloud solution in the market. If you are having difficulties, the GRS development team can custom design a SaaS solution based on your business requirements, giving you greater control over your software applications, operations, and services. We will be able to offer everything your business needs, from co-location and virtual hosting to managed remote backups and recovery services.



Because cloud applications store vital company information such as passwords, client lists, proprietary data, and much more, they require expert monitoring services. At GRS, we will work with you to ensure that your cloud infrastructure has the best possible security to protect your data. We also conduct compliance reviews so your cloud apps will conform to industry standards.