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Everyone is living in fear of what might happen to their working systems as hackers continue to terrorise. Among the many cases recently revealed and that made huge losses in either data or money (mostly the losses are tied together) are the ones listed below. All these cases are big news and a show that the new wave of cyber dangers can affect anyone. To that end, IT Services Tysons Corner VA and others all over the world have been fighting back.

  1. Banks being asked for millions so that their data doesn’t get published publicly.
  2. Yahoo releasing news that it lost 500m in account data a few years back.
  3. Hospitals and hotels being held at ransom for millions to regain access to their data.

The various tools and how effective they are can be assessed through the revelations below.

We are not yet fully in the know of the risks and how they activate themselves

The reason that hacks that happened years back, such as those of popular services like Yahoo and Evernote, are only being released today shows that we are far from being prepared for the war. The many ways through which we get hacked are still being passed through every day.

IT Services Tysons Corner VA is playing a big role letting companies of the ways that hackers are getting into systems. Among the many ways, unsafe websites, those that don’t have anything to do with work, with many links that open pop-up windows.

The hackers are steps ahead of us all

Facts are tough, as is that of hacks only being realised years after they were done. This means that hackers could be inside your company database and hiding their tracks each day successfully. Waiting for you to make the big deal and shame you by taking your earnings.

For this reason, IT Services Tysons Corner VA is distributing a lot of scanning tools that were not used previously. New tools such as those able to sniff out hacker behaviour and alarm administrators are very important if we are to measure up to the current threats to fight back.

The war against hackers is just setting roots

While they take time to make their attacks, the war against cybercrime has only seen the first of its days. More hackers are in training. There are a lot of reasons for this development, for one there are many companies not protecting their data, a source for money for hackers. IT Services Tysons Corner VA has helped in this war through engaging the good motivated cyber professionals to stay ready when attacks are made. A lot of cyber criminals have deep knowledge of computers, the same knowledge, when placed in the hands of the good guys, the cancelling out of threats is set in motion.

There are currently still a lot of tools that need to be sent out to places of IT learning and other genres of education to get security fences against cyber criminals higher than they currently are. All those things, and also the fact that many people feel that this is not their fight, are among the reasons why cyber criminals are years ahead of everyone else.