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IT Support

Enabling you to efficiently confront the latest cybersecurity threats to protect your client’s data


Technology and financial services must operate in synergy to not only provide a great service to your clients but to also empower your organization to run at maximum efficiency.

But does your organization have the expertise needed to confront an increasingly dangerous cybersecurity environment?

GRS Technology Solutions offers fully managed IT services for financial and investment organizations. We can help you protect your client’s data, streamline your security processes, and help your business reach peak efficiency.

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The business world has never been more competitive. Regulatory compliance has never been tighter. Clients have never before taken such a great interest in data security. You need to act if you want to retain a competitive edge.

GRS Technology Solutions has your back. We can help you in providing:

Cloud Support

Learn how you can take advantage of the cloud to improve accessibility and bolster collaboration.

Data Security

Protect against data breaches and unauthorized access. We can also help you comply with current industry regulations, including FISMA.

Disaster Preparedness

Prepare a business continuity plan with us and get peace of mind. Unlike your competitors, you’ll be able to minimize downtime and recover from disaster fast.

Industry-Specific Tools

Get support with financial and investment software. We provide support for common tools like Sage Accounting and QuickBooks.

In short, we can do it all. Work with the weight of a team of professionals who are fully behind you.
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