Get IT Security and FINRA Support from GRS

Be FINRA Compliant with GRS

FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulation Authority and all financial services firms are required to abide by its standards. GRS Technology Solutions can help you to do just that.

You can get comprehensive, detailed reports for Microsoft Office 365. These reports will give you the necessary auditing and incident reporting functions not necessarily available without an in-house IT support team.

Get actionable reports to reduce the chances of a data breach or other cyber event with GRS Reports.

GRS Reports for Microsoft Office 365 will enable you to:

  • Control access and user activity on Office 365 for the next 12 months.
  • Create an Incident Response Plan to defend your firm against potential cyber threats.

GRS Reports are designed to make you fully compliant with FINRA’s cybersecurity requirements for small firms.


What are Your Obligations as a FINRA Member?

FINRA places a number of responsibilities and obligations on its members. Their Checklist for a Small Firm’s Cybersecurity Program is designed to enable companies to create an effective cybersecurity plan.

Your organization will be able to:

  • Pinpoint cybersecurity threats and defend against breaches.
  • Instantly detect when internal systems have been compromised.
  • Respond to intrusions promptly and limit the damage.


FINRA members are responsible for considering FINRA guidance when creating their cybersecurity programs. Businesses will be assessed by FINRA as to whether their cybersecurity programs are fit for purpose.

GRS’s Compliant Reports show Desired Configuration Management (DCM) for user account and settings, such as accounts that have been compromised, policies on the usage of mobile devices, and Litigation Hold.

Organizations can take advantage of Microsoft Office 365’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) functions to figure out which communications reveal the personally identifiable information (PII) of their clients.

When PII policies have been triggered, these documents can be tracked and logged through SharePoint DLP and GRS’s Audit for Exchange feature.

Did you know that Microsoft 365 has an Advanced Threat Protection function? Together with Threat Intelligence Reports from GRS, firms can identify the presence of malware, attempted brute force attacks, and any suspicious logins.

A response plan is vital in protecting your firm against data loss and theft. With GRS, you can begin your response with a comprehensive usage report.

These reports will track every action on any workstation. Part of your response plan should include a GRS Office365 report for each employee within your firm to pinpoint intrusions.

Data on workstation activity is stored securely for a year and includes every user action, including downloads, file access, and workstation settings changes. Every action is accompanied by dates and precise times.

Audit reports can be enacted after every type of malware and ransomware attack so you can see which files were accessed during the attack.

Access Office365 administrative actions to track where compromised accounts are being accessed from, on which device, and when.

Full Protection and FINRA Compliance with GRS

Get protected and get FINRA compliant with the GRS Platform for Office 365. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting your company, defending your clients, and unleashing the full potential of Microsoft Office 365.

You’ll be able to improve your auditing capacity, unify data across multiple Office 365 applications, and reinforce your incident response plan.