IT Services Sterling VA

The cloud service in document manipulation provided by Microsoft through their office 365 suit of applications has been successful all over the world. IT Services Sterling VA wants people to know the benefits of working in the 365 applications for business and even for personal use. To note is that everyone who has been using the basic Microsoft services through any of their successful applications will be able to dive right in with the 365 line of products. A sense of nostalgia will come on because they look the same but only more powerful.

Working on documents with collaborators all over the world

The gem that we heard first from IT Services Sterling VA about the office 365 applications is that now the word processor and other applications commonly used in the business world have the added ability to share and work on them with others at the same time. Collaboration has not been a strong suite for Microsoft, but it seems they are learning from what people are asking for. Imagine having a single document open across five employees and making your updates in real time.

IT Services Sterling VA on using Skype inside document editing

Because collaboration leads to discussions, Skype has been added to the mix. You can then call anyone and chat over an open document or other work files inside the Office 365 working space. This will be extremely beneficial for companies that make a lot of pitches to clients or investors. The ability to not only talk but also show what you mean will increase comprehensive levels across calls. Some network services elsewhere have even taken advantage of this, and made deals with Microsoft for the calls to be handled on their fast networks.

Better control over PDF documents and contract files

Most deals include the need to sign contracts, the painful process of doing that online has been made easier through the ability to sign the contracts in office 365. This is now possible with Docusign, an application that has made a mark through allowing deals to be made with no need to print the paper and scanning again.

The most secure type of documents, PDFs have also been included in the plan. You can now look forward to making new, editing and doing just as you have been able to with word documents. This will make for higher quality documents and increase the safety on work files. IT Services Sterling VA already use PDF documents for non-disclosures, because they can’t be edited once locked.

Switching between devices

The desktop is a boring place to type, this is why Office 365 will allow users to move far from their desks and still be able to edit their documents. Typing a document on your relatively smaller scree devices gives comfort and more space to be creative than that taken up by a 20 inch screen. The ability to switch between devices also means people don’t have to carry their heavy computers around (bye laptop bags). You can just log into your office 365 account anywhere you land and still work as hard as you would on your own machine, mobile phones too.

The benefits of being in office 365 are yet to be extinguished, more keep coming up and IT Services Sterling VA has been giving clients the support they require to make the most of these.