Does The Thought Of Your
In-House Computer Expert
Leaving Scare You To Death?

Here’s a scary question most businesses don’t think about: what would happen if your computer guy suddenly quit? Most business owners think it would only be a temporary inconvenience, when, in fact, the opposite is usually true. Want to know how much you are at risk? Ask yourself the following 6 frightening questions:

  1. Do you have written network documentation about your computer network? What software licenses do you own? What are the critical administrator passwords to your systems and devices? How is your computer network structured? What hardware do you own and when do your equipment warranties expire? Are there cloud vendors for email, online storage, hosted line of business applications, etc. that you don’t currently have? You should NEVER allow a single IT person or company keep this information under their full control over your network and company. If they suddenly left for any reason, this could lead to huge consequences for your company.
  2. Do you know where your backup files are stored and if they are being stored properly? If you are like most business owners, you’re too busy dealing with the “crisis of the day” to think about system backups and probably leave tasks to your internal expert. If your database gets fried and your tech is nowhere to be found, you might be in a lot of trouble.
  3. Do you have a written plan for restoring your network fast in the case of a disaster? If you don’t have a fully tested disaster recovery plan for your office, you could be at serious risk without ever knowing it until something happens.
  4. Do you know where all of your software is stored? Bad things can happen to computers and servers, and the situation can be made worse if you are not prepared. Taking a minute to organize and store your software in a secure place can save you a considerable chunk of money in the event that you need to restore a program on your systems. If you don’t have access to the software or don’t know where it is located, you might be forced to buy the software again.
  5. Do you know what routine maintenance is being done on your network? I know that the very idea of learning about and keeping track of all the servers, workstations, and peripherals on your network is about as welcome as a black cat crossing your path, but it is important information to maintain. If your in-house expert leaves, who will take over?
  6. Do you know how to protect yourself from an ugly security breach if your in-house computer expert leaves? What happens if your in-house expert splits with no warning AND has access to your company’s network? As soon as humanly possible, you should disable his or her access, including remote access to your network and all cloud based applications.
So how did you do? If you answered “no” to even one of these questions, you need to get the answers now, before it’s too late.

No Tricks Here! Never Be Stranded
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Finally, An Easy Way To Keep Your Computers Running Faster, Cleaner And Problem-Free Without The Expense Of A Full-Time IT Staff Does your computer network have frequent problems that frustrate you and your staff, interrupt your business and cause you to waste precious time? Are you concerned about security, viruses, spyware and hackers, but don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with all of the latest security patches and updates? Would you like to save thousands on IT support and repairs while practically eliminating downtime and other annoying computer problems? If so, then you’ll want to know about our ALL-INCLUSIVE IT SUPPORT. This ongoing monitoring and maintenance service will keep your computer network up and running by preventing outages and downtime, and securing your data from loss, hackers, viruses, spyware and a host of other problems.

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Marcy Stoots

"We constantly get compliments from our clients and business partners about how efficiently our business runs."

GRS Team has done a tremendous job at making sure we have the fastest and most up-to-date systems in place to enable us to get things done in the shortest amount of time. As a business owner, I still have sleepless nights, but one of the things that I don’t worry about anymore is losing all the irreplaceable data we have and our system.

We are a very fast-growing company and our network holds a lot of critical data that I could never afford to lose. Plus, we need to be in compliance with some federal regulations like HIPPA and PCI. If we had a disaster like a fire or a tornado, I know that we would be back up and running the next day because GRS is constantly monitoring our backups and our system to make sure nothing is going wrong that would jeopardize the security of our data and our records. I also have the peace of mind knowing I have someone to call who will get us back up and running ASAP if something goes down. You almost can’t put a price on it. I trust GRS and have a personal relationship with the owner. That’s important to me because it gives me confidence that I can completely trust them to do what’s right for my company. You don’t get that with big IT firms.

Marcy Stoots
President & COO
CIC Advisory

Matthew Cooper

"We have been using GRS Technology Solutions for over six years now."

After going through a half dozen IT service providers over many years that always ended in frustration, wild billing inaccuracies and cobbled-together IT systems, we have been extremely happy with the GRS Team. Larry and his team has assembled a functioning system of on-site, off-site and remote service capabilities that is approached with care, concern for our costs and ultimately functioning systems that make our business run.

Whether it’s a forgotten password in the office, a broken laptop in the field, a new 8TB server addition or a security system component that needs to be able to communicate through our firewall, Larry and his staff make it happen. When our network goes down and the ISP can’t solve the problem, he acts on our behalf and functions better than an in-house IT staff could. And then there is software!

They always advise us what options exist for the functions we need to provide and when we need new software for something we want to add to our capabilities, he goes out and finds us the most cost-effective solution. It’s amazing what sort of discounts and bundled service options are out there for someone in the know. When we contact GRS and say “we want to buy X device, or X software” he always asks, “Well why do you want that? What are you trying to accomplish?” Then he tells us to let him research options and he presents them to us when he said he would. They are a hidden jewel and it isn’t without trepidation that I write this because we aren’t sure that we want to share them!

Matthew Cooper
Senior Vice-President