IT Services for Law Firms Fairfax VA

The doubled edged sword that comes with embracing IT services for law firms in Fairfax Virginia

There has been debate on whether IT services for law firms in Fairfax Virginia can be of any benefit to the legal practitioners in that State or whether it would mark the end of the legal profession as currently constituted. Whereas some argue that IT services for law firms in Fairfax VA might be a double edged sword, others believe that it is nothing but a disruption to the legal profession. The argument is that lawyers might have to undertake refresher courses on IT services before they are capable of assessing the risks, benefits, and liabilities that may arise through embracing IT services. But who is really providing the most legitimate prospect? That is what this article seeks to answer.

First, IT services for law firms in Fairfax VA offers an opportunity for attorneys and their staff to keep up to date with forms, precedents, and other legal materials. It is often repeated that the best attorney is the one who knows where to find the law. And with the rate at which precedents keep changing through legislation and judge action, the attorney might find it tasking to acquire new precedents on a regular basis. As such, IT services for law firms ensure that the precedents are available at a faster pace and at a cheaper price. Therefore, law firms have nothing to fear in embracing IT services.

Further, IT services for law firms in Fairfax VA can be a great avenue for attorneys to engage in international law. This subset of law is demanding because it entails international trade, conflicts among countries, and other issues related to international bodies. An international law practice requires that the law firm is updated on the current world affairs, modalities of trade, conflicts, and ongoing legal cases in the international law courts. For instance, through IT services for law firms, any attorney in Fairfax VA can follow live stream of proceedings from the International Criminal Court or the presentations in the United Nations.

Consequently, IT services for law firms in Fairfax VA can prove an easier way to attracting new clients from the internal arena. These include multinational entities and blue chip companies that may often need to spread their wings all around the world. A law firm that dislikes the idea of embracing IT services will be pushed to the back row when the time comes to making a decision as to which firm seems capable of undertaking an assignment of a global scale.

However, IT services for law firms in Fairfax VA can be exploited by those engaged in cybercrime to disrupt the law firm activities. This prospect is real and can happen through theft of client information thus making the law firm liable for breach of confidentiality. A recent example relates to the Panama papers in which the law firm of Mossack Fonseca suffered a massive breach and in the process 11.5 million documents were leaked to the world. These documents contained confidential financial information of clients around the world.

In conclusion, IT services for law firms in Fairfax VA can open numerous doors for lawyers by enabling them to update precedents and forms, be ahead of the pack in terms of information, offer round the clock interaction with clients, offer free legal advice, create new businesses especially with the blue chip, and assess emerging sectors in law such as internet service providers liability, online defamation, and cybercrime. However, on the other side IT services can put any law firm in Fairfax VA on a very tight rope of liability.