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There is no reason not to have fun at work, what with the type of support tickets that IT people come across during their runs. Sometimes there is no point avoiding a funny support ticket rolling out to the punch line, even if you read one coming from the second the specific user calls. IT Support Haymarket VA has seen through a lot of such incidents and we are going to share the fun through just five of the most hilarious cases.

  1. IT support calls for the dimming windows screen
    The windows OS has seen a lot of changes, and among those we all saw but paid very little attention to, is the dimming screen when you initiate the process of either shutting down or hibernating. IT Support Haymarket VA has seen through plenty such problems through gently assisting the user that calls, worried as though they have killed the machine they have been using and all the files worked on, to either press escape to cancel the required action or to proceed with shutting down the computer.

    Later versions of the Windows OS have been less harsh with this; maybe the word finally reached Bill and the guys.

  2. When the computer just can’t switch on
    Have you ever tried to switch on your desktop computer and it doesn’t just want to respond? Well you are not the only one, chances are you managed to resolve the issue better than your peers elsewhere. Clients have called IT Support Haymarket VA with that same problem more than a fair share, especially given that they just needed to plug the PC back into the power socket before calling IT support.

    The first thing a user is likely to suspect is that their computer has finally given up to the key-punching they put it through. Luckily when such calls are made, the professional IT support specialists who handle them suggest possible solutions, starting with the one that works, before travelling to collect the machines for repairs. Any other route would cost companies a lot just because the cleaning help pulled all computers out of sockets for a thorough run on the floors.

  3. Network unavailable problems IT Support Haymarket VA have solved
    The internet is by far the most demanded of resources in the workplace, which is why when someone can’t get a connection to the internet, the first thing they do is make a special case about their case. IT Support Haymarket VA has received a lot of such cases and most of the time, the solution would be that that particular user has a cable not connected to the network, or their WiFi is totally off!

    The trick here is that while they may have left their computer working and connected to the internet the previous day, the next day has to be the same, which is not always true. Checking connections before making calls and rising tickets could save their companies a lot of support charges and valuable time – not to mention cracking the ribs of IT support people.

  4. The stuck mouse problem
    Like most tricky problems, this one gives users a lot of headaches, the feature commonly found on most touchpads, locking the touch surface completely by tapping the top left corner twice. A lot of people have activated the lock without intention to do so, causing many It support specialist to take them through the paces of unlocking the touchpad. I promise you some people are using the external mouse thinking their touchpad ‘died’.