IT Support for Healthcare Washington DC

Analysis of the impact of IT support for healthcare in Washington DC on doctors and patients

IT support for healthcare in Washington DC seems to be mandatory for healthcare entities that have discovered the role that IT can play in offering the healthcare system with possibilities of efficiency and proper service delivery. IT services are like a robotic arm that helps the healthcare sector in the most critical hours of need and has transformed critical healthcare areas such as the efficiency of operations within the emergency room. As such, IT support can be a plus for doctors, patients, and healthcare institutions. Therefore, a three pronged analysis ought to be taken in analyzing cases for and against the IT support for healthcare in Washington DC. The three pronged approach is a look at the role of IT support for the doctor, patient, and the healthcare system at large.

Consequently, IT support for healthcare in Washington DC can be used as an avenue of reducing the cases of patients who stream into hospitals on a daily basis. For instance, medical follow up and consultations which contribute to the large numbers in hospitals can be reduced by offering patients and doctors alternative means of communication. The healthcare system can avail IT support for doctors to communicate with patients without necessarily having them at the hospital. This mode of interaction increases the efficiency levels of hospitals with the end result being that with quick service dispensation.

IT support for healthcare in Washington DC is a great tool for imparting knowledge or giving directions from one doctor to another. IT support for healthcare can provide past templates relevant to each situation. Junior doctors are able to use past recorded procedures as a guiding framework on how to treat each critical situation. Further, in an emergency situation or any operation senior doctors are able to provide directions to their juniors on how to handle the entire process. This may be through videos where the senior doctor is able to communicate with doctors in the emergency room and offer directions each step of the way.

Further, IT support for healthcare in Washington DC is a tool for promoting proper record keeping of the patients details and safeguarding information that is critical to the operation of the healthcare structure. A Patient’s illnesses may span a long period of time during which the doctors treating him may keep changing. Concisely, any new doctor needs to have background information regarding the patient which is not affected by memory loss or any form of distortion. If the records are kept on booklets they may get lost. However, preservation of the records on digital setups ensures that they are preserved for posterity and the same steps used in treating the patient can be used on another. Further, record keeping is used as a shield against any claim of liability by a patient in cases of claims for wrongful death or diagnosis.

Lastly, IT support for healthcare in Washington DC enhances the level of interaction and communication between the doctor and the patient. An important bond is created through the diversification of methods that doctors reach the patients. This in turn yields trust and the patient’s pace of recovery is hastened. Without IT support for healthcare, doctors are only limited to the use of their offices and strict diary timelines. As such, less time than necessary is accorded to most patients.