Bryce Weaver

GRS is able to provide almost continual monitoring which provides peace of mind.

Pricing is a sensitive thing and everyone has to figure out what they can afford to pay. That being said I think you want to have an IT service like GRS that has a call in help desk so your employees can contact them with their problems without going through a manager at their own company. When this happens the IT service becomes like an employee of the business making the expense easier to justify. GRS also takes a holistic approach to IT service being able to manage all aspects from the server to the fire wall to the email/internet connection. Therefore they take responsibility which less established companies will not do. Currently GRS has started providing regular planned visits to our business to address any problems people may be having this really makes it seem as though we have an IT person on staff which is what we were hoping for when signed up originally with GRS.

Monitoring is an area where you don’t really appreciate it until you need it. It is also an area that people don’t have a good idea of how vulnerable they are simply by using the internet in their businesses with a number of employees. GRS is very good in informing clients in this area. Although regular meetings should required in order to improve the level of understanding. They deliver frequent monitoring, which at the end of the day, makes us sleep in peace. In my experience that is not a service the basic IT providers offer.

Bryce Weaver
W.T Weaver & Sons