Jacqueline Sullivan

"The professional service provided by every member of GRS Technology Solutions has been consistent and excellent"

"At GRS Everyone is knowledgeable, quick to offer assistance, and willing to answer questions/teach. They are also consistently trying to problem solve and prevent future problems from arising.

In addition, the 24/7 coverage has definitely been an asset to our Colleen Blanchfield, M.D company’s ability to function in an efficient manner. Less qualified consultants simply haven’t been able to offer us those types of services in the past. As a healthcare provider, GRS ensures and safeguards the HIPPA compliance of our technology. Maintaining secure records and networks of course was always important to our practice; however, our less qualified consultants were not as capable of handling this important issue. GRS was able to quickly diagnosis any security concerns and rapidly correct them once we began working with them. The GRS team worked throughout the night in order to get our system where it needed to be to prevent any threats. We had to invest in quality professional grade equipment but I felt confident in the guidance provided by GRS. Furthermore, with GRS monitoring the workstations and network 24/7 for viruses and cyber-attacks, our office staff are free to operate as necessary without having to be concerned about addressing those issues all on our own."

Jacqueline Sullivan
Collee Blanchfield, M.D