John Fleming

If protection of your client and business data is important to you, you need to have a competent IT provider like GRS, to help you keep up with the ever changing landscape of network security.

Before contracting with GRS we managed our IT in house and through independent contractors on an as needed basis. While this kept our IT cost down, we realized that is was not allowing us to operate efficiently. Any time we had an IT problem arise that could not be easily addressed in house, we would have to bring in an outside consultant to remedy the issue. This meant we were subject to their time frame which resulted in workflow disruption. Additionally, given the nature of our business and the increased compliance requirements on information security we realized that we were no longer in a position to properly manage our IT without outside help. We compared several vendors and chose GRS. Not only was their price very competitive, we felt assured that we were getting the IT support that we needed to be complaint, but did not feel like we were being sold services that we did not need. Having a dedicated IT provider has helped reduce down time and workflow disruption making the added cost worth the investment.

As stated before, trying to maintain a secure network without outside help has become virtually impossible. With increased security risks and enhanced compliance standards it would be very difficult for us to stay up to date with all of the threats that could adversely affect our network. Knowing that our network security is constantly monitored and updated gives us reassurance that our clients personal data is protected. Additionally, having daily backups done offsite provides an added level of data protection should anything happen to the physical network in our office.

GRS support is easy to interact with and very responsive. IT issues that arise are resolved promptly and efficiently.

John Fleming
Fleming & Associates