John Semiklose

GRS has upheld the highest professionalism and dedication to our needs throughout the years we have used their services.

Before our last renewal, and at the request of management, I shopped roughly 10 different companies that provided the same IT services as GRS. I spoke to many professionals from a sole proprietor to a company much larger than GRS. I also reached out to some partners of law firms I have known for many years to see who they were using. What I found was this, the smaller companies had good prices but did not offer on-site maintenance or repair on a as needed basis. They asked that you write a list of problems and they come once a week to correct. Emergency calls were on an “availability” basis. They just did not have the man power to satisfy our needs. The larger companies could handle the emergency requests, but at a higher rate and they were not very personable. My conclusion was that for the money that GRS charged us, we could not find any other company that had everything we needed for the price. GRS has proved themselves time and time again that they have been and still are the best choice out there.

GRS has also performed and maintained all of our back-up needs here in the office. Last fall, we had someone download a hijack virus that could have cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars to get back, and even if we paid the hackers, there was no guarantee we would get our data back. Our entire network was compromised. Because GRS was actively backing up our servers/laptops, etc. we were back working in less than 2 days and up to 100% in 4 days. Without GRS, our loss in revenue and wages would have been catastrophic and most of our data would have been lost forever. This is a value that you cannot comprehend how important it is until you need it. We will never go without this service. We view this as a mandatory need now.

John Semiklose
Document Services Manager