Kathleen Ridolfo

GRS has been very responsive and flexible to our needs, and although they weren't the cheapest quote, I feel you get what you pay for, and we have been very happy with the results so far.

We signed on with GRS last year, and before doing so, we sought out several quotes from IT companies. We had been using a well-known IT company to manage our organization (we started out with a small firm that was absorbed by this larger company) and it was an absolute disaster for two years: incompetent and poorly trained technicians, lapses in licenses and software updates, waiting months (up to 12 months) for hardware installs, and worse, dropping the ball on getting a new department up and running (computers and other hardware). Having been through this experience, we were keen to find a company we could really work with. GRS was very proactive and flexible to our needs, and although they weren't the cheapest quote, they weren't the highest either. In cases such as this, I think the money we spend each month on GRS is worth every penny. It's night and day from our previous experience.

GRS's quick response saved our organization earlier this month when an employee unknowingly downloaded ransomware. GRS knew before we knew, logged in remotely, and prevented the ransomware from fully downloading the employee's files, and prevented a spread to the rest of our network. If not for their quick thinking, we would be in a difficult situation. If this had happened with our previous IT company, we definitely would have seen a negative outcome. In today's environment, internet security is pivotal to the health and success of America's businesses and organizations. The predatory nature of online hacking is pervasive, and it is becoming harder and harder to detect a threat online. Protecting data is just a necessity in the workplace.

Kathleen Ridolfo
Executive Director
Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center