Keith Whyte

"With GRS We have gone from IT as a weakness to a source of strength"

As a small nonprofit we are very concerned with price, but have learned the hard way with IT that you have to consider total cost, which factors in not just basic price but also value of lost time when something does go down as it always takes longer to fix than it does to prevent it from breaking in the first place. I was so sick of trying to cobble together IT solutions and fixes as I didn't have the expertise but more importantly didn't have the time. I absolutely feel that even though the upfront price may be higher we have saved so much money and time in the first year of our GRS contract alone. We have gone from IT as a weakness to a source of strength, we now have 100% reliability in critical systems like email, server, backup & workstations.

Monitoring & updating is critical and the fact that it happens automatically, constantly and in the background without disruption is a huge benefit. I literally don't have to spend a minute worrying about any aspect of IT anymore. Nor do my staff, and anything that does come up is dealt with so swiftly. In the time we've had GRS we've added workstations & emails for new employees, updated computers, replaced servers, upgraded to Office365 so we can work remotely anywhere, all with zero problems. I had no idea how much all those little tiny little hardware glitches, software bugs, compatibility issues, missed updates and patches, etc. .. ended up costing me until I switched to GRS. More than worth every penny."

Keith Whyte
Executive Director
National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)