Meg Carroll

I can think of no problem that we have experienced on any of our numerous devices (over 30) that GRS has not resolved with the immediacy we as users felt the situations demanded

I have not had a network, virus, security, hardware or software issue since starting with GRS 4 years ago. They not only fixed the mess we were in, they have created for all of the staff and Board a level of security previously unknown to us. I think what I like best about GRS is the immediacy of response. I have had consultants remote in on a weekend when I had a problem. We use them for phones, cameras, network security, storage and backup as well as for recommendations on what to purchase in both hardware, software and mobile applications.

Our previous IT provider was not nearly as thorough, easy to work with or user friendly. We paid them a monthly price, but as different issues arose we found they were considered "out of contract". GRS costs a bit more, but I no longer deal with items not covered. I am not sure how they do it, but from a management perspective I envy them their teamwork and results. I run a 53 year old HOA of 860 properties. We have a huge amount of information that must remain secure and our devices virus free. GRS monitoring alleviated any worries I had in this area. They are worth every penny we spend with them. They also have the most pleasant and responsive customer service of any company with whom I have worked.

Meg Carroll
Georgetown South