Melinda Clark

I Strongly Recommend That Any Business Owner Take Advantage Of The Free Security and Data Backup Audit Offered By GRS Technology Solutions

GRS Technology Solutions Free Network Audit “Exorcised” The Ghosts Hiding In My Office’s Computers!

I have had a long-term, relationship with GRS Technology Solutions and been very satisfied. As a small business, professional I am dependent on my computer but do not have the luxury of an IT Department. GRS Technology Solutions is my IT Department! I get online, phone, or in-person support or recommendations, depending on the issue. I pay an annual fee based on a service contract and if I use all my hours I am charged per incident. Prices are reasonable and, especially on those occasions when a critical difficulty has arisen, well worth every penny. The team is responsive and although not always as immediate as would be nice (you know how it Is when you need your computer to function!), GRS Technology Solutions is definitely as timely as any IT Department I’ve worked with in corporate America (and usually better) considering I am not their only client and certainly not their largest. So far there has not been an issue they have not been able to resolve and I have received great advice on my printers, faxes, wireless modems, cell phone and connectivity between all of the preceding ---I highly recommend GRS Technology Solutions.

Melinda Clark
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