Michael Amouri

Since GRS began working with us, we have not had any virus or attack of any kind. With their comprehensive knowledge, I definitely sleep well at night.

Hometown Roasters, LLC dba Caffe Amouri has been working with GRS for, I'm guessing, about two years now. We had many questions and were somewhat skeptical/wary of entering into a long term, rather expensive (as we saw it) arrangement. Did we need that sort of support? What were the benefits? We knew that we needed something because of down time, maximizing our entire IT effort and minimizing staff hours (and potentially sales) lost when our systems weren't operating effectively. Even something as small as printers not communicating caused lost man hours and productivity. We had worked with a couple of other, albeit cheaper professionals and they were....OK. We have found working with GRS to be very satisfying on any number of levels. When we have a problem, they are on it. Even if the problem is with another system (like, for us, our POS system) they take the lead and talk to that provider. The folks at GRS are professional and provide timely service. Even if it's on a weekend. As a businessman (and consumer) I always look at things in terms of "value." I feel very positive about the value that we receive from GRS.

One of the other things that I'm very happy to have from GRS is the network monitoring, security and backup. They set us up with a "shared drive" that each of my managers (myself +5 others) can work on, sharing documents and saving to the GRS servers. This was a huge deal for us and we had tried, unsuccessfully, other options. Theirs works flawlessly. They also backup our entire systems. That, combined with the constant workplace monitoring provides me with immense piece of mind. If my systems were to go down, I have full confidence that GRS would have us up and running with little lost productivity. I also feel very good knowing that their security is constantly running in the background.

Having GRS is like having our own IT department for a fraction of the cost; and they respond very quickly. Last thing; the staff at GRS are friendly, very knowledgeable and, even though I can be quite dense when it comes to some of the things they are fixing and communicating, incredibly patient.

Michael Amouri
Caffe Amouri