Nafees Chowdhury

Trusting GRS and seeing the results that they have provided allows us to sleep in peace and have assurance in the integrity of our IT infrastructure.

Our experience with GRS has been fantastic and priceless. They have always accommodated our urgent requests – kept our IT functions working smoothly. In terms of pricing they have been extremely fair and transparent. They do NOT do a bait and switch – offer one price and then when they win your business change the pricing on you. They also do NOT add layers and layers of fees to their agreed upon contract. We have been extremely satisfied with their services – when we switched over to them they reset two servers, moved our entire mail system (extremely large mail system with critical documentation) to Exchange over one weekend. We were back in the office on Monday with a completely new and much more robust IT infrastructure without any downtime or issues. We have an international office which GRS supports remotely – again with no issues. We transfer large size and large volume of documentation between our offices and we have hardly ever had an issue. We recommend Larry and GRS very strongly and without any reservation.

We are a law firm and we are required by law and by our clients to keep their information secured. GRS assessed our entire IT infrastructure and found it to be potentially vulnerable. They introduced a comprehensive suite of solutions that secured our data, upgraded our security and put in a monitoring system. If there is an outage or a breach (which there hasn’t been) GRS is able to notify us. Data monitoring is critically important to us as data forms the backbone of our operations. GRS understands how critical data needs to be protected and how redundancies need to be built in to an IT system. We trust GRS with our data and with how they maintain and protect.

Nafees Chowdhury
Executive Director