Pamela Pacetti

“I Sleep Easier Because GRS Doesn’t Sleep At All!”

How GRS' Remote Management and Monitoring Solution Kept One Frazzled IT Manager From Going Off the Deep End

I have been working with Geeks R Us for several months. I am a solo attorney that did not appreciate the value of a strong IT support team until it was too late.  Prior to the Geeks R Us team completely changing the manner in which I handled my business, I depended on the less expensive approach of friends with IT skills and separate security coverage.  This approach ultimately resulted in security breaches, loss of data, and excessive down time that far exceeded what I thought was the most cost effective way of doing business.

Larry and his team provided expert recommendations that have proven to be exactly what I needed to run my business smoothly and without worry.  However, smart solutions are only part of the story.  The care and attention that Larry and his team provided throughout the transitioning process and training period has continued uninterrupted. The monitoring and back-up service cannot be matched.  It is essential to any successful operation to have the appropriate back-up, security and maintenance of a network system.  The emailed weekly reports are a nice bonus, but the true value comes in the peace of mind of knowing that my time can be focused on client work and not the next network glitch. Finally, the most valuable consideration in any business or personal decision is the integrity of the people involved.  To this I add that Larry has my utmost respect and gratitude!

Pamela Pacetti
Pacetti Family Law