Sarah Hunt

GRS is very proactive about our system, which is a new experience for us with an IT company and something that makes our network run a lot more efficiently.

For our company IT is not where to cut corners. In the long term you end up paying more because you more frequently have to pay costs to fix and upgrade and replace things that were not done right the first time or that are not being monitored. Having to bounce from IT company to IT company and pay each one to try to fix what the last one did is more expensive. We are impressed with the level of responsiveness we get from GRS vs what we have gotten from prior companies and what you are likely to get from a startup company with few employees. If we have a problem it is always addressed as quickly as we need it. Some things can wait but others cannot and GRS understands that, whereas with a lot of IT companies you get a standard time frame for fixes not matter how urgent the problem is to your company. The cost is well worth it in my opinion based on our experience with GRS. Paying a monthly fee and being able to get service whenever we need reduces a lot of stress as well. You don’t have to haggle and argue with an IT person that charges per hour and charges for things like travel time and sitting around your office for hours while programs install and upgrade (our prior IT company).

there are not many businesses where it is not essential to maintain backups of your computer files. Having GRS do all of this takes a lot of the worry off of our company when it comes to keeping track of data backups and security software installs. Since we have switched over I don’t have to worry about making sure all the computers have their anti-virus software running and up to date or that our files are being securely backed up regularly because GRS does all of that and sends me a PDF Weekly Client Health Report that tells me what’s going on with the system. I also know exactly who to call if I need something or if I have an issue. By monitoring our network, they can often alert us to problems and fix them before it effects our business. Sometimes by the time I notice something and call them, they are already aware of it and fixing it.

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