Stephen Genung

“GRS Solutions Has Been A Godsend – HIPAA & Meaningful Use Worry-Free”

ProNurse HCAI has been in business over 4 years and is now profitable.  We continued using an IT company in use by an acquired company with endless disappointing results and large surprising invoices.  The more we looked using our discount IT mentality, the more we failed to receive return calls or emails and were left waiting for comprehensive recommendations for our issues.

So we decided to look at WHY we need IT – in very basic terms. We acknowledged early on that business today depends, at its core, on consistency.  We studied our operations and realized consistency depended on two main issues: dependable IT performance and the availability of qualified personnel.  When we thought of the things that would bring us to our knees in the shortest time, these issues surfaced immediately.  Everything was built upon our IT structure, its ability to adapt to daily changes and critically, its development with forward-looking structure so as to avoid having to re-accomplish parts of the development and hence pay for upgrades multiple times.  Down-time was also a very important aspect.

Despite being a small developing business, Larry and GRS Team were always very accurate with their assessments of our needs and they regularly had ideas for us.  They knew that as a licensed healthcare service, we needed to have HIPAA approved email service.  I didn’t have to explain what HIPAA is or why it is required and they certainly never tried to talk us into something that didn’t work (as others have done).  We have developed a structure of issues that are important and what we need to pay in order to ensure critical items are created, updated and replaced competently.  We feel their pricing to be very fair when their track record and the local cost of living is considered.

We recently migrated our email service to MS365.  While I always look for any option other than Microsoft products due to their history of abusive trade practices, Larry’s recommendation has provided a solid platform that has consistently met the needs of our growing company.  It seems that whenever I look for items I need, they are already built into the MS365 system.  Before the change, I had to manage the same emails twice, once on my phone and again on my laptop; MS365 works through an exchange server and messages are handled only once and the result reflects on all email devices.  One of our referral sources requires no less than 10 email addresses for patient schedule updates; I’ve created a group forwarding address that I use with my iPhone to immediately provide updates to locations in California, Colorado and Texas.

I came to understand system monitoring best during the recent newscasts from the Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Visitors were advised not to take any internet-capable equipment.  In a 60 Minutes TV segment they used an IT specialist and a scrubbed laptop to show the threat there.  With special monitoring software on the laptop, they turned it on in a coffee shop in Sochi and within 5 seconds attacks and malware poured into their system.  I realized that in a digital world, there is ZERO distance between Sochi and my laptop, it’s just a numbered address away.  We have quite a few institutional safeguards in our Hotmail and secure websites that help most of the time but the reality is that software companies thrive on threats; and regardless their origin, they are very real.  To count on an unknown stranger in an unknown place to protect what I have built is nothing short of foolhardy.  I know the threat and I choose to act, not react.  ProNurse will be functional when other companies in my industry are not.  I will succeed because of foresight they don’t possess.  Everyone is always asking what is needed to succeed and it is always a topic of interest in business media; the little ideas to improve business are always popular but avoiding sudden, catastrophic collapse is critical and I have to say, not cheap.  It doesn’t have to be especially expensive but you will not achieve a secure IT structure digging through discount computer repair shops; it takes dedicated professionals with time in their schedule to study their craft.  By using GRS there will not be any Russian mobsters rummaging through my patient records and I will not have to buy thousand dollar plane tickets to return from vacation to deal with a crash.  I’d rather pay a close associate like Larry than some Ransomware criminal in Czechoslovakia

Stephen Genung