Tamar Jacobi

We were losing tons of productive hours!

When This CEO Discovered She Was In Danger Of Losing Massive Amounts Of Data, GRS Technology Solutions Put Her On The Path To Safety, Security, And A Better Night’s Sleep

“As the President and CEO of Immigration Works USA, a Non-profit located in the heart of Washington DC, as a small non-profit without an in-house IT team, we rely heavily on our remote IT support provider. Larry Burbano and his GRS Technology Solutions squad have always provided us with exceptional and competent service with a quick response time. Since employing GRS Technology Solutions, we have had few, if any, major disruptions in our work product. And when we do, the issue is resolved quickly and correctly. Not only have we found the Geeks prices to be competitive, but most importantly, we are pleased with their results and service. That is the added value when you work with Larry and his crew. This was not necessarily the case with our previous IT provider. This provider was considerably more expensive than Larry and his crew and their service was inadequate and slow. With our former provider, we consistently experienced disruptions, both major and minor, on a monthly basis and sometimes had to wait hours for issues to be resolved. We found this to be frustrating and costly from a work product standpoint. Instead of results, we received excuses and sales pitches for more expensive products.

For us, paying more for IT support did not give us better service – just more headaches. We have learned that while price is an important consideration when seeking an IT support provider, competency and service are really the issues that make one provider a true value over another. We are pleased with the IT service provided by GRS Technology Solutions and would recommend Larry Burbano and his support staff to our families, friends and potential clients.

Since our first conversation, Larry has been upfront with our IT needs. He provided a detailed outline of our current IT system compared to his proposed updates. After reviewing his recommendations, we took a step by step approach to upgrade our system. The updates have worked well for us and we believe monthly monitoring provided by the Geeks is part of the success in keeping our computers up and running with few disruptions.

Before the upgrades, our system was slowing down due to limited storage space but with the new cloud storage, we’re able to save and retrieve items quickly and accurately. Although we did find some bugs in our files after the initial upgrade, Larry and his team were able to quickly locate the missing files and restore them without losing any important documents. We can honestly say having GRS Technology Solutions monitor our system, maintain our backups and detect viruses has given us peace of mind and has possibly prevented us from incurring costly repairs. We’re pleased with the service and would recommend it to any prospective client.”

Tamar Jacobi
Immigration Works