Victoria Vergason

The level of expertise I have received from GRS is top notch.

For the quality of expertise and service I receive from GRS, I believe the price for outsourcing my computer needs is a real bargain! While GRS may not be the cheapest IT group, I have found that you get what you pay for. The level of expertise I have received from GRS is top notch. In addition, GRS is prompt in addressing all my computer problems (I have several computers for my store). When an issue arises, they follow up with a ticket, and status of the ticket, until the computer problem is fixed. If I'm not at my store, I can check my-emails to see that issues being raised are addressed. And all of this service is provided 24/7. This aspect is very important to me as I own and run a retail store. Many of our issues arise on the weekends when our store is very busy. GRS always has staff available to help us out, whenever help is needed.

The monitoring service that GRS provides is crucial to me, especially in this day and age. As I am not a computer expert, having an integrated system with GRS allows me a piece of mind I otherwise would not have in my business. All of my computers are monitored 24/7 by GRS and I receive weekly reports as to the "health" of each of my computers. The integrated approach of setting up and knowing my systems directly, addressing problems when they arise, monitoring my computers for bugs/viruses/and the like, and backing-up my data is a necessity for me. It's nice knowing that I can pick up the phone and talk with someone I know. And I cannot say enough positive things about the wonderful staff at GRS that I have the pleasure to work with.

Victoria Vergason
The Hour Shop