Virginia Rodriguez

Since working with GRS they have been on call to our every need and concern that we need to run an efficient business, and because of them we continue to thrive.

While working with GRS of course we were cautious as well, as there were obviously cheaper options available that could easily be more fitting. Although we had to put our company first, and the foundation of our company and ensuring that it runs smoothly is important to the business. That means making sure all employees are able to efficiently able to communicate with one another as well as to clients. Therefore, an investment has to be made if we want those results, and if we want the best results, we need to put forth the best people for the job. As mentioned before, the company’s foundation comes first, and without a proper foundation you have nothing, and that means investing in quality if we want quality in return. That is why we chose GRS for the job. They have been very responsive to every need or problem we have had and have contributed to the successful of our business.

As far as monitoring goes, it’s definitely different. We personally never knew different would be so good. We can certainly speak from experience in the fact that having those backups and security services have been a true lifesaver. We had just recently lost tens if not hundreds of file work that were accidentally deleted. When I say GRS saved us, they truly did. It was an immense relief knowing our data had not been completely lost, with years’ worth of work in it. We never imagined we would lose so much, and we had GRS to thank for recovering every last file. Not to mention that since having these security updates, we have yet to come across any viruses or breaches in data within our system. I would imagine any business would want to protect and recover any lost files. I would highly recommend their services, they truly are the best around . Not to mention, very friendly and knowledgeable people.

Virginia Rodriguez
Operations Manager
C&R Carpentry