The DFARS Compliance Alexandria VA-Get It Done

The US Department of Commerce has published the guidelines for the regulation of the protection of the information of the Department of Defense (DoD). A lot of cyberattacks have happened in the recent time that dislodged the privacy and protection of the sealed and confidential information. The US Department of Commerce released the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) for the defense contractors based in Alexandria VA. It is necessary for the companies to fulfill the DFARS Compliance Alexandria VA for getting the DoD contracts. The NIST 800 171 guidelines are mandatory for the organizations based in Alexandria VA to follow and fulfill.

What are the DFARS Compliance Requirements?

The US Department of Commerce released a comprehensive paper in the form of the NIST 800 171 guidelines. The contractors and subcontractors are enforced to follow these guidelines for getting the federal contracts. There are 14 main points in the guideline document that are needed to be followed for achieving the DFARS compliance Alexandria VA. Here are those points with explanation: -

  • Access and Control – The contractors have to limit the information and system access to the authorized users
  • Awareness and Training – They need to provide awareness about the data security. The users must have to be trained for using and dealing the classified uncovered information.
  • Audit and Accountability – The system logs must be created, protected, and reviewed by the contractors
  • Configuration Management – They need to create baseline configurations and use change management processes
  • Identification and Authentication – The users and devices must be identified and authenticated
  • Incident Response – They need to detect and react to the cyber incidents immediately
  • Maintenance – They need to work on the maintenance of their information system
  • Media Protection – They need to protect the active media and destruct the media containing the CUI
  • Personnel Security – They need to allow the authorized people to access the information system
  • Physical Protection – They need to protect and monitor the physical facilities of their information systems
  • Risk Assessment – They need to carry out risk assessment during the transmission, storage, and processing of the CUI
  • Security Assessment – They need to eliminate the risk associated with the security of the information system
  • System and Communication Protection – They need to utilize the latest software and information systems for the security of their information system and effective communication
  • System and Information Integrity – They need to eliminate the information system flaws by identifying, correcting, reporting them

The companies need external help and consultancy for the fulfillment of the DFARS compliance Alexandria VA. The external consultants and service provider have the experience of making your organization complied with the DFARS requirements. The organizations are recommended to hire the experienced and capable consultants and service providers for keeping the information system well-protected and secure.