Undisclosed Facts

What every company must know about outsourcing their IT needs.

Love it or hate it, technology is indispensable for today’s businesses. Yet computers are black boxes for nontechies, leaving business owners to trust their computer networks, with all that sensitive data, in the hands of those annoying IT geeks when something goes wrong. Not only are they commonly unresponsive and all-too-often inept, but IT consultants can also easily overcharge, bill clueless clients for incompleted work, or worse.

Written specifically for small and midsize businesses by an experienced IT consultant who’s passionate about helping clients succeed, Undisclosed Facts provides the information every company must know about outsourcing their IT needs.

With this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to shop intelligently for IT support services.
  • How to ensure that dishonest or incompetent IT consultants don’t rip you off
  • How to keep your IT costs at their lowest
  • How to ensure that your data and network are well-secured from spyware, viruses, hackers, disgruntled employees, data loss, and natural disasters
  • How to avoid frustrating and time-wasting IT headaches.
  • How to ensure that, rather than draining your resources, technology gives you a competitive advantage.

Undisclosed Facts puts you in charge with the information you need to put your technology to work for you.

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