What are DFARS Services for Small Businesses

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement published a clause named Clause 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting on October 21, 2016. This clause of the DFARS rules enforce the small businesses and Department of Defense (DoD) contractors to work on the security of the internal system. The DFARS services for small businesses allow the smaller companies to accomplish the requirements related to the DFARS regulations. Small companies find it tough to fulfill the requirements and they fail to get the federal contracts or subcontracts.

The Effects of DFARS Clause 252.204-7012 on Small Businesses

The Clause 252.204-7012 of the DFARS has huge importance for the small businesses as well as for the larger contractors. The small businesses are required to fulfill following requirements under this clause: -

  1. They need to provide adequate security for protecting the covered defense information. The covered defense information is received or sent by the contractors and subcontractors with the aid of their internal unclassified information systems. These systems must be well-protected.
  2. They need to report the incidents immediately to the DoD via https://dibnet.dod.mil.
  3. They need to submit the malicious software to the Cyber Crime Center of the DoD when they discover or isolate it. The Cyber Crime Center has provided the information related to the submission of malicious software.
  4. They also need to preserve and protect the images of the identified affected information systems.

The Role of the DFARS Services for Small Businesses

The information security requires field-oriented skills and experience. The DFARS services for small businesses can provide your business aid in this regard. These services save a lot of time and ensure the federal contracts and sub-contracts for your small business. The small businesses need to take necessary measures and keep monitoring the information system. The DFARS services for small businesses can help your business in the following ways: -

  • They provide network security assessment
  • They make a plan of action for your business
  • They create milestone to be achieved by your small business
  • They can provide you engineering support
  • They develop monitoring systems for the security of the information system of your small business
  • They fill the security gaps
  • They help in reporting the cyber security incidents as early as possible
  • They keep the data well-protected

The DFARS services for small businesses play a decisive role in the acquisition of the federal contracts. The small organizations and businesses are advised to choose the experienced and qualified service providers. The information security is a sensitive matter and the small businesses need to stay active all the time. The cyber security incidents are increasing with the passage of time. The improvements in the information systems are needed to be done with the passage of time. The DoD does not compromise even a smaller risk to its security and the small businesses must have to keep this fact in mind. The DFARS requirements must have be fulfilled properly by the small businesses.