Dark Web identity and data theft
$ 1M insurance to compensate you


The Dark Web, a parallel network of the Internet web, is accessible only through a specific application. Recognized for its illegal content and the anonymity it offers to its users, the Dark Web is in fact a paradise for criminal activities.

Beyond the platforms for selling drugs, buying arms, child pornography, job-hunting killers, identity thieves also use the Dark Web to buy or sell your personal information and data.

If your e-mail address is on the Dark Web, criminals may potentially have access to your associated accounts. Scan your email address on the Dark Web is the first step to better protect yourself and give you all the information you need to know what to do and act. Feel free to sign up, it's simple and the results that we will reveal to you will remain confidential.

GRS Technology Solutions can help you in your approach.


GRS Dark Web monitoring provides a comprehensive set of solutions for businesses and individuals who may be affected by cyber incidents. It is especially designed for presidents and directors who want to protect themselves and their businesses.

The Surveillance

The service combines the use of artificial intelligence with automated routines with the ability to analyze, monitor the stolen or compromised information of your company, your customers, the personal identity of your employees that would be available on the Internet.

This reduces the risk to the exposure of sensitive information and possible prosecution.

This solution includes monitoring your organization's domain names, your personally identifiable information, and critical business and customer data.

Insurance against identity theft and sensitive data

Insurance of up to $ 1 million allows companies to protect themselves against identity theft and their sensitive corporate data.

Customers, key executives, and employees are often targeted and exploited on the Dark Web. The insurance is customizable according to the needs and allows to retain the management teams, a significant value. The amount provided by the insurance in case of theft brings significant financial support for the restoration of identity and a comprehensive service that saves time, effort and reduces the stress associated with identity theft. A significant decrease in financial damage and risk that could affect the reputation ...

GRS service against the Dark Web includes :

  • 24/7/365 surveillance against possible attacks
  • Intensive collection of information for analysis and assessment of the situation
  • Detection of flaws in the IT environment of your organization
  • Identification of more than 80,000 emails compromised daily
  • Anticipation and proactivity to avoid a crisis and make the right decisions ... on time!
  • $ 1M insurance to compensate you in case of theft

Are your personal and professional data for sale on the dark Web?

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* Exclusive offer to companies of 30 users and more. A member of management must be present during the presentation of the results.

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