Are You An Easy Prey?


81% of cyberattacks are aimed at SMEs, about 5,500 a day. Why? By being unsuspecting and often reckless, SMEs are perceived as easy prey by hackers. A criminal transaction of stolen identifiers can earn tens of thousands of dollars from multiple buyers.

As a result, organizations that experience a violation of their information can easily be attacked by dozens or even hundreds of cybercriminals.

1 client out of 3 has data for sale on the Dark Web.

Now, organizations specialize in cybercrime and make it their business model. They target executives, owners, representatives and buyers as they hold valuable information.

Currently, specialized cybercrime agencies funded by China, Russia, and Ukraine are using sophisticated software to hack thousands of small and medium-sized businesses like yours to steal credit card numbers, information about your customers, and cheat your business directly Bank account. Some are even funded by their own government to attack companies ...

Because we want to do our part to try to reduce the impact of cybercrime in business, we offer you a confidential scan free of charge of your personal and professional data on the Dark Web. If your company's email address or domain name is on sale, criminals have access to your associated accounts and can buy or sell your personal or corporate information. Scan your email address on the Dark Web is the first step to better protect yourself and give you all the information you need to know what to do and act.

Why is it so important?

  1. Avoid fraud and theft of sensitive business data
  2. Preserve the corporate image
  3. Reduce productivity losses
  4. Avoid personal identity theft of employees and information leaks
  5. Not to mention the viruses and spam that can paralyze your operations

You should know that if one of your suppliers is a victim of cybercrime, the data of all its customers can be found on the Dark Web without his knowledge. Therefore, through your suppliers, you are also at risk.

Are your data for sale?

Our confidential scan on the Dark web will reveal to you if your data
is on sale and what to do to better protect you, if any.

Fill out the form on this page before September 15th 2018.

About GRS Technology Solutions

GRS Technology Solutions helps businesses leverage technology just as larger businesses do. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your technology, so you can leverage IT automation to reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and drive cost out of your business processes. When we first founded the business, our goal was to support small firms that were struggling to meet government and industry regulations. We discovered that the largest risks involved keeping client data protected and in compliance at a high level and backed up properly. As a result, we have established processes and the proper infrastructure required for regulatory compliance and real security, as well as an IT maintenance and consulting program that typically increases uptime and reduces costs.

Your personal and professional data Are they for sale
on the dark web?

Sign up for a confidential scan
of your data FREE of charge. (Value $ 495) 10 spots available

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* Exclusive offer to companies of 10 users and more.

A member of management must be present during the presentation of the results.

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I Strongly Recommend That Any Business Owner Take Advantage Of The Free Security and Data Backup Audit Offered By GRS Technology Solutions

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Michael Amouri

Since GRS began working with us, we have not had any virus or attack of any kind. With their comprehensive knowledge, I definitely sleep well at night.

Hometown Roasters, LLC dba Caffe Amouri has been working with GRS for, I'm guessing, about two years now. We had many questions and were somewhat skeptical/wary of entering into a long term, rather expensive (as we saw it) arrangement. Did we need that sort of support? What were the benefits?

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