Erin Rubio

“I can sleep easier knowing that my information is secured, and my files are save”

We first heard of GRS from our accountant when I asked him for a recommendation for an IT company. We’re a small (6 full time employee) HVAC contractor. Summer of 2017 we finally moved to an office/warehouse and I realized I couldn’t just plug the computers in and go. I am financially very conservative so having the extra overhead was a big concern for me. But because I had become the de factor IT department (‘in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man…’) I needed help.

GRS came to our home office, checked all of our data, our connections, then ported us over to the new office, adding in a firewall, upgrading our email, connecting our printer, recommending cameras and doorbell security, restarting our SQL server, and helping our field technicians hook up their email on their phones. I can sleep knowing everything is backed up. When I naively downloaded a suspect file, they unraveled the mess; when our server got a ransom-ware, they restored the previous back up and we were up again in a few hours. Even though it’s a considerable monthly subscription, I feel it has been well worth it. Plus everyone we’ve worked with are nice people!

Erin Rubio
Vice President
Rubio Mechanical