Luis Reyes

“Thanks to GRS, our sensitive information is significantly safer"

"We pay for stability, scalability, dependability, and peace of mind. We compared GRS to similar companies in the market and concluded that GRS was the best value for our needs. Larry and his team distinguished themselves in their presentation, by providing a thorough assessment of our needs and most importantly proposing a well articulated and detailed plan that met all of our goals. GRS executed its plan and found ways for us to save money by consolidating phone services and streamlining our ISP plans.

In our 20 months of service, GRS has identified two significant vulnerabilities in our network, to include an erroneous malware download that could have caused significant damage to our operations. Thanks to GRS, I am confident that our sensitive information is significantly safer and our IT is resilient to respond to any eventuality. We learned the hard way that IT security and stability is a worthy investment. Looking back, we lost a lot of productivity in our pre-GRS days. We should have hired them sooner."

Luis Reyes
US Medical Innovations