In-Call Features





Ends the call.
Puts the call on hold.
Activates the camera to initiate a video call.
Mutes the microphone.
Displays/hides the dialable keypad.
Enables the speakerphone. When other devices are available through bluetooth connection, options will pop up to connect the call to (see image 3)
Transfers the call to a third party, the original call is ended, and no confirmation is made to determine whether the transferred call is answered or if the number is busy.
Places the current call on hold and initiates a call with the transfer destination to confirm whether the call is wanted or not. The two calls are then merged together.
Places the current call on hold momentarily and adds another active call (three-way conferencing).
Cancels the current action.
Merges two active calls together (three-way conferencing).
Swaps between two active calls.