Polycom VVX 410

Quick Start

Tip: You do not need to dial any numerical prefix before dialing an extension or external number. Simply dial the extension or 10-digit number.

Transfer Calls

Warm (Attended) Transfer

Places the current call on hold and initiates a call with the transfer destination to confirm whether the call is wanted or not. The two calls are then merged together.

  1. While on an active call, press .
  2. Dial the internal extension or external number.
  3. Speak with the destination party.
  4. Hang up.

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If you hang up before the call rings, the transfer will fail and the call will be disconnected.

Blind Transfer

Routes the call to a third party, the original call is ended, and no confirmation is made to determine whether the transferred call is answered or if the number is busy.

  1. While on an active call, press .
  2. Press the Blind softkey*.
  3. Dial the internal extension or external number.

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Tip: To transfer a call directly to voicemail, dial 0 + extension.


  1. Press .
  2. Press the Line key to retrieve the call.

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Tip: If multiple calls are on hold on a single line key, use the arrow keys to switch between the calls then press the Resume softkey* to retrieve the desired call. If more than two calls are on hold on a single key, an indication will appear on the display, for example “2/3” shows that this is the second call out of three calls.

Voicemail Access

  1. Press .
  2. Press the Connect softkey*.
  3. Dial your password (default 0000).

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3-Way Calls

  1. While on an active call, press the More > Confrnc softkeys*.
  2. Dial the internal extension or external number to add to the conference.
  3. Wait for the second party to answer.
    Note: It is best practice to consult with the second party before adding them to a 3-way call.
  4. Press the More > Confrnc softkeys* again.

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Do Not Disturb (DND)

Enabling DND stops your phone from ringing and sends all incoming calls directly to voicemail. Calls are logged in your Missed Calls.

  1. Press the DND softkey* to enable/disable.

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Call Forwarding

  1. Press the Forward softkey*.
  2. Select the desired forwarding type.
    • Always: Forwards all incoming calls.
    • No Answer: Forwards all unanswered incoming calls.
    • Busy: Forwards calls that arrive when you’re already in a call.
  3. Enter the internal extension or external number to which calls will be forwarded.
    • If you selected No Answer, enter how many rings to wait before forwarding.
  4. Press the Enable softkey*.

To disable call forwarding, press the Disable softkey*.

Tip: While your phone rings, press the Forward softkey* to forward the incoming call to another person.

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Speed Dial

  1. Press .
  2. Select > Contact Directory.
  3. Select the contact you wish to apply as a speed dial.
  4. Press the Edit softkey*.
  5. Enter a Favorite Index (2-12).
  6. Press the Save softkey*.

Vacant Keys: Press and hold a line key, add the first name, last name, an internal extension or external number, and then press the Save softkey*.

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Presence Monitoring

In order to presence monitor, you must have the feature enabled on your device by an administrator. If not enabled, contact your system administrator for assistance.

Note: The lines that you wish to monitor must be speed dial assignments on your phone.

*Softkeys are buttons located around the display whose function changes depending on the context.